Creating the 7/20 Memorial

The construction of the permanent 7/20 memorial, honoring 13 lives taken, 70 wounded and countless lives that were forever changed was officially dedicated on July 27, 2018. IT would not have been possible without the love and support that surrounded us every step of the way. Asentiate”. The artwork among serene natural surroundings honors our loved ones and pays tribute to the strength and resilience of survivors, first responsders and our community. This will forever be a space for all visitors to find Peace, Hope, and Strength. We were honored to share the moment with loved ones, families, friends, survivors and our community to pay tribute to the Common Unity that has made it all possible.

History of the art piece: In 2012, A makeshift memorial was set up across from the theater and many people visited to reflect and remember. The space would only be available temporarily because of planned construction in the area, and the need for a permanent memorial became important to pursue.Thanks to all of your generous donations, on August 26, 2017 at our annual “Reflection Garden on Tap” benefit, we were thrilled to introduce Douwe Blumberg , the artist chosen to create the 7/20 memorial . It was heartwarming to experience the expressions, hugs and tears of the crowd as they listened to his thought process in creating the piece titled “Ascentiate”. Douwe’s interview on NPR’s affiliate Colorado Matters sums up his passion, compassion and vision to grace the beautiful Reflection Garden with 83 magnificent cranes. He was inspired by the “1000 Cranes for Aurora” sent to Aurora in 2012 from a Community in O’Fallen Missouri. There are 83 cranes representing the victims and survivors of July 20th, 2012. The 13 cranes in the center of this piece will are translucent to honor those whose lives were taken. This piece also represents the Community and all affected as each of the cranes contain a canister filled with tokens of remembrance from survivors, first responders, community members, and loved ones .

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The Aurora Theater Shooting Memorial Digital Story

The permanent memorial honoring 13 lives lost and paying tribute to the survivors and heroes of the tragedy of July 20, 2012 is now complete. The “Ascentiate” sculpture uniquely uses the entire space of the reflection garden. Each time you visit and wherever you stand among it, you will get a different feeling. We would love for you to share your unique view by sharing your pictures and thoughts with us on our social media using #720Rising

The memorial is located in the Aurora Municipal Center’s Water-Wise Garden at 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy. Aurora, 80012

Each bench in the Water Wise Garden is dedicated to one of the 13 lives lost. Click on each picture below:


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The 7/20 memorial foundation is composed of family of victims, survivors, and others directly impacted by the tragedy of July 20th, 2012.

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Our mission is to continue to be a resource for other communities who experience mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional struggles after mass tragedy.

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We recognize and advocate for the many layers of mass tragedy resource needs, from triage to recovery to healing, for long-term resiliency.

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