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Board Officers:

  • Chair Heather Dearman ~Cousin of Ashley Moser & Veronica Moser-Sullivan~

  • Vice-Chair Heather Bailey ~Mother of Theater Survivor~

  • Treasurer Billy Stiggers ~Aurora Citizen

  • Secretary Tiina Coon ~Mother of Theater Survivor~

Board Members:

  • Theresa Hoover ~Mother of A.J. Boik

  • Bill Hoover ~Grandfather of A.J. Boik~

  • Rena Medek ~Mother of Micayla Medek~

  • Michelle Ruble ~Aurora Community Member~

  • Terry Sullivan ~Mother of Alex Sullivan~

  • Megan Sullivan-Jenks ~Sister of Alex Sullivan~

  • Katie Medley ~Theater survivor~

  • Jansen Young ~Theater Survivor~

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