Upcoming Events

Our foundation members look forward to meeting you at various City of Aurora events as we continue to raise money for the memorial and the costs associated with it. We also find healing in reaching out to other Communities affected by tragedy. We have been strengthened by the compassion received when we share our stories with others, and look forward to personally thanking every one we meet for getting us where we are today.Our hope is to inspire strength and resilience in others by paying forward all of the compassion and love that has been given to us. Click on an event below for more information:

Coming in May!

Aurora Stands with Boulder Fundraiser

In May, Resolute Brewery will be helping us to raise money for those affected by the Boulder tragedy. Our foundation will be on site (date TBD) for a paper crane folding event. Hope to see you there!


March 23, 2021 - May 31, 2021

As we reflected upon our own experiences as family members and survivors of the Aurora Theater tragedy, we especially appreciate the heartfelt messages of comfort and support that we received from individuals and communities all over the world. We have since strived to pay that kindness forward to other communities who have experienced unspeakable tragedy. We have been sending them wreaths made of paper cranes containing messages of love and support. We would be honored if you joined us in folding cranes, and together we will create these symbols of peace and love that will be a true...


July 24, 2021 5pm - 8pm

Our 5th Annual Reflection Garden on Tap Fundraiser was put on hold in 2020, but it will make getting together in 2021 even more special!

Entrance is always free for all ages to enjoy the immersive art experience. Unlimited beer tasting tickets will go on sale in the spring if we are able to safely hold the event .

Where: Held at the memorial site in the City of Aurora’s Water Wise garden.

What: The chalk art theme for the event is “Frontline Heroes”. We are paying tribute to not only our heroes from 2012, but all of the frontline heroes...