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Our founding mission, to honor our loved ones taken in the Aurora theater shooting and to celebrate the resilience of our community, was realized in 2018 when we raised enough money through partnership, donation, and events such as the annual Reflection Garden on Tap Beer and chalk art festival. The 7/20 Memorial “Ascentiate” now stands strong in the water wise garden at the Aurora Municipal Center. Not only do we need to continue to raise funds to pay the maintenance cost for the art piece, we are in need of funds to support our passion to pay the love forward that was so generously given to us.

Beyond our efforts to build community and support other cities who have experienced tragedy like Aurora's through our paper crane peace project, we have grown into an organization of advice and guidance for other communities, as well as advocating for long term needs of survivors. One of our main goals is to collaborate with other like minded organizations who envision a world where all people are thriving and empowered in their healing path and where the need for mental health support in perpetuity is recognized, more readily available, and helps prevent other tragedies.

Please consider contributing to the peace and healing that continues to be felt by all who visit the 7/20 memorial garden. All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Our tax exempt # is 46-2214380. Should you require a copy of our Federal Tax Group Exemption letter, which establishes that we are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization please feel free to contact me. We thank you in advance for your consideration to help us prove that there is more love in the world than hate.